DDK will be listed on DOBI

Get ready #DDKOINERS, Dobi Exchange is one of the best global exchangers. Top 3 world ranking in coinmarketcap. DDK will be listing in Dobi Exchange really soon..!! Insya Allah..




#DDK is a community-based coin built on the fastest DPOS blockchain network. DDK is hard forked from LISK but with 10 times the capacity (250 transactions/10sec), was created to meet the needs of Pre-Order users of around 180,000 coin holders comprising 10 countries from South East Asia.

Our developer’s work to ensure that DDK platform is 100% open source and 100% decentralized has started from towards the end of year 2017 until now click here where all progress can be clearly seen in GITHUB and TRELLO as a general reference for the development process passed. Modified protocol of DPOS which is forked out of Lisk has been named as AEPOS. The idea and concept in AEPOS is not only a greener option for crypto enthusiasts but also most rewarding for the community driven platform. DDK’s Blockchain platform, through DDK Asset Issuing (DAI Interchain) development, presents DDK as a tool that simplifies the creation of new tokens for the future.

Looking forward to listing DDKOIN in coinmarketcap too!!!👏🏻👏🏻💪💪🤩😍